Engaging Keynote Speakers for Conferences, Events, Workshops & More

If you are searching for keynote speakers for your next conference or event, Angie & Rachel and known for captivating and impacting their audiences. These dynamic and professional public speakers are knowledgeable and inspiring when they take the stage. Angie & Rachel are speakers who deliver at events large and small that focus on leadership, neurology, and many other topics.

As business owners of a global neurofeedback company, Angie & Rachel draw from their business successes and hardships, along with their educational backgrounds. Angie & Rachel are an effective power duo to hire as speakers at your next event. From large educational events, to intimate small groups, and neuro workshops, Angie & Rachel have become seasoned keynote speakers for events of all sizes.

What You Can Expect from Angie & Rachel

  • Professional and effective communication strategies to ensure you are receiving the quality insights and knowledge that you want.
  • A powerful, engaging and motivating presentation with practical strategies and an action plan based on your goals for the team and organization.
  • An Interactive experience where each attendee leaves with a better understanding of the covered topics and how to apply their lessons learned.

Event Coverage

Some of the professional public speaking events Angie & Rachel specialize in include:


With the expertise and guidance of Angie & Rachel, you can gain the effective leadership skills you need to take your company to the next level. Our keynote presentations on leadership will create an impact while guiding the audience to having a better overall mindset on confidence and leading others.


Performance neurology is the study and practice of improving brain function to achieve a higher level of physical and mental performance. As neuro specialists with degrees in Clinical Mental Health, this is Angie & Rachel's niche of expertise. You’ll be surprised by the knowledge and insights these professional public speakers will share during your event.

Small Group Keynotes

When they are not being keynote speakers for conferences, Angie & Rachel deliver addresses to smaller groups and are inspiring others through interactive group workshops. In this smaller setting, Angie & Rachel have the freedom to use interactive elements and movement to increase engagement and topic comprehension. They utilize brain mapping software and individualized reports to bring the power of neuro to their groups.

The Evidence

"These two are a powerhouse"

“Dynamic Duo”

“I left Angie and Rachel’s talk empowered to take control of my brain health”

“These two are magic”

“Your topic was spot on for our group of global leaders”

“Angie and Rachel were some of the best speakers I have ever heard. They gave me takeaways that were truly life changing”


Upcoming Events

Company Workshop: Boston Consulting Group

Boston, MA - May 19th, 2023

Speaking Engagement: ATS Rocky Mountain

Denver, CO - June 14th, 2023


Past Events

Boone Heart Summit

Sep 24th 2022

Churchill Mortgage

Oct 4th 2022

Sales Mastery Event with Todd Duncan

Oct 12th 2022

Cardinal Group Leadership Summit

April 20th 2022

Aden Leadership Development Series

August 11th 2022

Barral Institute Conference

August 12th 2022