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Angie and Rachel are professionally strong and dynamic women with advanced experience in public speaking. As a team, they can deliver keynote speaking events on many subjected and inspiring themes such as the neurology of performance, women in business, leadership presentations and more.

As business owners of one of the largest neurofeedback companies in the United States, Angie & Rachel draw on their business successes and hardships, along with their educational backgrounds, to deliver exceptional keynote presentations. From large educational events to intimate team building neurology lectures, Angie & Rachel have become seasoned keynote speakers of a high caliber.

Their energy and unmatched expertise never fail to captivate their audience, and the topics they speak about are unique to their fields and experience.

Keynote Speaking Topics

Neurology Lectures, Women in Business, & More

Angie & Rachel can deliver impressive keynote presentations to your organization that discusses a variety of topics. Here are just a few of the many keynote speeches they can deliver for you:

  • Neurology of Success
  • Neurology of Relationships
  • Neurology of Resilience

Neurology of Leadership – A good leadership keynote speaker has charisma, confidence, and an engaging personality. Leaders can come in many different forms with unique approaches and management styles. Angie and Rachel can deliver an exceptional leadership presentation that will motivate, educate, and inspire your team. Their informative speeches will integrate neurological insights and relevant industry research to encourage the audience to become better leaders.

Neurology of PerformancePerformance neurology is the study and practice of improving brain function to achieve a higher level of physical and mental performance. As neurology specialists with degrees in Behavioral Sciences, this is Angie & Rachel's niche of expertise. You definitely do not want to miss out on one of their neurology lectures.

Women in Business – Angie & Rachel use their voices, platforms, and experience as women in business to bring life to topics like gender equality, sex biases, fear of failure, and other top issues. You’ll walk away from this keynote with a wealth of relevant information and inspiration for your future in business.

Additional Speaking Topics

Company Growth, Sales Improvement, & More

Aside from their leadership presentations and neurology keynotes, Angie & Rachel can speak on topics like:

Company Growth – Angie & Rachel have significantly grown their company, Braincode Centers, to be the largest neurofeedback company in the United States. Creating a multimillion-dollar company is never easy and they can speak directly about the techniques and processes for growing a company to that caliber.

Business Coaching – Angie & Rachel can deliver speaker coaching and content creation services for executives, business individuals, and any public speakers. Angie and Rachel will help you create a compelling narrative and amplify your message as a communicator.

This dynamic duo can additionally deliver presentations on topics like:

  • Sales improvement
  • Relationships
  • Business resiliency
  • Confidence
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This is just a glimpse of the many topics that Angie & Rachel consistently cover and have experienced within the professional and personal world. This dynamic duo brings a unique perspective to the table as public speakers and will deliver the impactful presentation that you’ve been looking for.

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