Skill Coaching & Company Workshops – For Sales, Business, And More

While Angie & Rachel both excel as keynote speakers and presenters, they do not just speak at large events or conferences. Thanks to our experience in neuroscience and business development, we have become adept at coaching, instructing, and improving teams on a more intimate level. From leadership coaching and skill coaching services to personality development, sales workshops, and more, we can give your team the boost you’re looking for.

We are happy to provide our coaching services on a 1-on-1 basis or in a small team setting. Here are just a few of the many organizational workshops and business coaching services that we provide.

Personality Assessment, Leadership Development & Testing

Optimize Talent for Your Business

The personalities within your organization are a key driver of your success and failure. When two personalities conflict, work can slow down and your operations may begin to suffer. Angie & Rachel will use the power of neuroscience and psychological research to break down and positively develop the personalities within your organization.

During your workshop, we will administer personality tests to you or the members of your team. This unique test will identify the key personality traits of your staff and categorize your workers into one of the “Big 5” personality types (i.e., openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism). The other unique test is the Enneagram. This assessment helps to address key motivators for each team member's personality. Further it can help management understand how to better motivate their team. Lastly, they also utilize a QEEG brain map to indicate on a neurological level brain function and performance of a team or individual.

From there, we will work closely with each member of your team to address areas of concern, improve mindsets, and create an action plan for personal development goals. By the end of your company workshop, your team will walk away with:

  • A stronger sense of their own identities and personalities
  • An understanding of how their personality influences office dynamics and workplace efficiency
  • A straight-forward strategy on how to incrementally adjust and improve their personality traits
  • An empowered understanding of their unique neurological makeup

Leadership Coaching

Build Skills & Feel Empowered

Managing a team is not the same as leading a team. The most effective leaders have a hyper-awareness of not only their teams’ capabilities but their own strengths, weaknesses, and leadership skills. We can help you and your team develop more robust leadership qualities through their neuro-driven approach.

We integrate principles and insights from social neuroscience, positive psychology, leadership practices, and organizational development into our leadership coaching services. When you have a better understanding of how the human brain operates and processes information, you’ll know exactly how to best motivate your team members and optimize them for a more efficient workflow.

  • By the end of our leadership coaching workshop, you’ll gain:
  • A detailed understanding of the neuroscience of leadership
  • A toolkit of new, stronger skills relevant to supervising a team
  • A deep sense of empowerment to streamline the efficiency of your operations

Book Your Business Coaching Workshop with Angie & Rachel

No matter the size, shape, or location of your organization, we can help you get the most out of your team.

Angie & Rachel have gained incredible business experience over the years thanks to their successes at Braincode Centers. They are extensively educated and credentialed speakers who have excelled in leadership positions and understand how to constructively coach people of all ages. From sales workshops to skill-building seminars, Angie & Rachel will empower your team to meet your business goals.

Contact Angie & Rachel today to learn more about the business workshops and skill coaching services that we can provide for your team.